City Engineering Services

City of Tuttle, OK

Members of Cowan Group Engineering (CGE) have served as the City of Tuttle (City) Engineer since 2009. Upon selection, CGE introduced a general professional services agreement with the City and Tuttle Public Works Authority to be used in providing “On-Demand” City Engineering Services under an hourly service agreement. As projects develop, task orders are created for ease of tracking for the City as well as monthly project progress reports.    

Upon securing CGE’s services, the company became instrumental in the completion and implementation of the City wastewater master plan. Since 2009, the CGE Team has been involved in several planning and design projects including, but not limited to: more than forty (40) Site Development Review and Approval projects, revision and adoption of the drainage ordinance along with planning and design of citywide drainage projects, street planning and design projects, water modeling, groundwater wells, and waterline extensions. Also, the CGE Team has provided other services including land survey, new sidewalks and public park planning/design, cemetery planning and design, grant application and assistance for funding projects.

Relevant Projects