About Us

At CGE, we are engineering excellence every day. Our team has the skills and experience to create lasting, sustainable projects that stand the test of time.

As engineers, we are stewards of resources and projects to help sustain our communities. As people, we are the citizens of a shared culture and purpose that drives innovative design.

CGE is a privately held, professional engineering and consulting firm based in Oklahoma City. We serve our clients with quality and timely service. We offer a range of civil engineering and land survey services, and our clientele includes city, county and state governments, and other engineering firms.

Cowan Group Engineering (CGE) was founded in 2012 with engineer Jeff Cowan, two others, and a mission to serve as skillful engineers who manage resources effectively and build sustainability. Since then, we’ve grown to 45+ employees, each with invaluable experience in civil engineering, water, wastewater, transportation, land planning, land survey and construction management.

Our diverse expertise means that we know the right questions to ask and how to communicate the answers effectively. CGE's project management style balances sustainability and efficiency to create organized projects in a timely manner, ensuring that projects are cost-efficient and providing long-term quality for our clients.

Our team has a strong sense of resolve, and we understand the advantages of delegating to competent staff and working together. We have excellent communication and highly developed management skills with strong organizational abilities. We pledge to communicate well with our clients in a way that balances technical issues and good common sense. Together, the CGE team brings a can-do attitude, diverse experience, candid listening, expert knowledge, and key relationships within the industry.


Jeff Cowan, P.E.

CEO, Principal

Sean Fairbairn, P.E., C.F.M.


Michael Taylor, P.E.


Robert Rose, P.E.


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