Water Resources

Cowan Group offers a wide variety of water resource services. CGE recommends starting with a detailed evaluation of the existing systems in your city or town, which may include pump stations, distribution mains, treatment plants, storage tanks, and water towers, so that we can easily decide how to best help your water needs. Our review offers the client long-term planning while utilizing the systems that are in place by rehabilitating, repairing or replacing elements and adding to the systems with new technologies which have been thoroughly evaluated by CGE. This gives clients a more cost-effective solution. We have prepared water modeling reports for current clients that could serve as a reference. CGE has also performed many water line replacements/rehabilitations, water well planning and design and even helped communities install new automated meter reading systems.

One of CGE’s major water resources services includes wastewater services. CGE’s key services for wastewater involve assessment, planning, design and providing construction support services associated with raw, treated, waste and recycled water treatment and conveyance infrastructure. Our key personnel have many years of experience, especially in the area of wastewater treatment plant analysis and design. Our staff has completed many projects from rehabilitations and completely new designs on wastewater treatment plants, to lift stations, sanitary sewer systems and more.