The definition of planning is the act or process of making or carrying out plans, and more specifically the establishment of goals, policies or procedures.  If the goal or target is not established, then we are just a wondering generality in society.  At Cowan Group Engineering we view planning as the basis for many types of projects including, but not limited to, land planning, water planning, wastewater planning, transportation planning, and capital improvement planning.  The results of planning can be accomplished through simple technical memorandums up to formal report documents.  Also, the documents provide the client with a goal or target for a specific project or entire city and can be referenced for future leaders. CGE has been involved in several types of planning that range from city planning, funding, land planning, water & wastewater master plans, transportation planning and more.

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CGE is diligent and persistent to help clients across the State of Oklahoma in its growth as well as maintain its service to the community.  From small to large, and rural to urban, CGE has assisted clients & communities across the State in infrastructure improvements of all types. CGE staff has extensive experience with civil engineering, ranging from on-call engineering services, to development reviews, land planning & development, land survey and construction services.  CGE offers a full range of civil engineering services starting from project planning through construction management and project closure.

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Drinking water is one of the most precious commodities and resources that any community has throughout the world.  Drinking water is vital to the commerce, business and industry of a community's everyday life, as well as the health and welfare of a community and its success.  Today, communities are facing more and more difficult times in securing, transporting, treating, distributing, storing and providing sufficient amounts of safe, quality drinking water for their customers. From water master plans, water lines, hydraulic water models, water towers and more, CGE has experienced professionals with extensive background in water resources to ensure regulations are followed, results are maximized, and your specific water project runs smoothly.

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Clean water, along with correct treatment and management of wastewater, is essential to any community. It provides safe water for reuse and helps the environment. CGE's key services for wastewater involve assessment, planning, design and construction support services associated with raw, treated, waste and recycled water treatment and conveyance infrastructure. From rehabilitations to completely new designs on wastewater treatment plants, lift stations, sanitary sewer systems, manhole rehabilitations and more, our staff is highly skilled and passionate to help your community resolve its wastewater needs.

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CGE has extensive experience in the transportation sector, and has completed planning and design services for private and public transportation clients across the State of Oklahoma. Many CGE team members have been previously employed by municipalities or state agencies dealing with transportation and have an understanding of the process and details involved with transportation projects. Projects completed by CGE range from turnpikes, highways, county roads and industrial roads, to city streets, neighborhood streets and sidewalks. Transportation planning activities include feasibility studies, operations studies and beautification programs. Transportation services include preparation of plans, specifications, cost estimates, drainage facilities, toll facilities, bridges and associated infrastructure. 

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Since inception, CGE has been providing land survey throughout the State of Oklahoma. CGE's surveying services include boundary control, topographical land survey, land title surveys (ALTA), Global Positioning System (GPS) surveys and flood surveys. CGE utilizes state-of-the-art equipment that offers every significant measuring technology, like the Leica Nova Ms50. It includes extensive and precise total station capabilities, precision and very detailed 3D laser scanning and comprehensive digital imagery. Images are synchronized with scans, and scans are tied into total station measurements. We are pleased to provide our clients with surveys completed with the utmost precision and unchallenged accuracy in all measuring applications.

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