City of Muskogee, OK - Water Model and Report

After CGE completed the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), CGE was then selected to complete the city-wide water model and report for the City of Muskogee.  The water model completed the CIP and was recommended as the first priority from the CIP report.  Overall, the City of Muskogee serves a population of approximately 60,000 including the surrounding water districts. The scope of services included the evaluation of 2,100,000 linear feet of city-wide water distribution lines, two water storage tanks, booster pumps, water treatment plant pumping, and field pressure testing of fire hydrants and land survey.  The CGE Team created a calibrated water model from the ground up using the Innovyze InfoWater software model to analyze the City’s distribution system and import the City’s ArcGIS information into the model.  The model and accompanying report enabled the City to address critical planning, design, and operational issues with maximum effectiveness. The City’s CIP was then updated using information from the model with an emphasis on improving water quality, pumping efficiency, distribution hydraulic upgrades and critical infrastructure improvement projects.

Innovyze InfoWater Software