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Manager's Blog: Prioritize Your Most Precious Resource


Water is one of the most precious commodities and resources that any community has throughout the world.  Water is vital to the commerce, business and industry of a community’s everyday life, as well as the health and welfare of a community and its success.  Today, communities are... Read More >

Manager's Blog: The Need for a Utility Database


As Engineers, City Managers, and Operators, we are often faced with the fact that many underground utilities are not always located where you might anticipate.   Past information on plan sheets and hand drawn sketches are not always perfect.  Sometimes actual locations are... Read More >

Manager's Blog: Disinfection Byproducts


If you operate a water drinking treatment plant or purchase from one, then you probably have heard about disinfection byproducts (DBPs).   How Disinfection Byproducts (DBPs) are formed is simple to understand.  Raw water entering the treatment plant contains organic matter. ... Read More >

Giving Back to Oklahoma


This Summer has been full of giving time and money back to the communities across Oklahoma. While we have helped these communities grow themselves through their infrastructure, they have helped us grow as a company and as a team.

During the past year, CGE “adopted” North Highland... Read More >