Funding Your Project in Oklahoma

With news of funding shortages appearing on the local news almost daily, administrators from towns and cities across Oklahoma may be wondering where the funds will come from for woefully needed projects. Whether it is a street that needs widening, a wastewater treatment plant needs expansion, or an additional water storage tank is needed, Cowan Group Engineering (CGE) can help. CGE is experienced in securing grants and loans from federal, state and local agencies. Our previous experience and positive relationships with funding organizations combined with our staff's knowledge of your options and the processes required help us to quickly and successfully secure funding for your project.

Not sure where to start? Here are some suggestions:

  • Create a prioritized list or master plan of infrastructure projects the municipality would like to have completed. Having a list will allow Cowan Group to assist with estimated price and budget concerns by having one of our experienced engineers prepare a cost estimate. Once cost estimates are in place, CGE can help find and secure the right funding option for your municipality's new project(s).
  • After selecting the appropriate funding source, CGE will assist the City in applying and completing all required grant or loan paperwork. CGE will act as the liason between the funding agency and municipality. The municipality should select "shovel-ready" projects to utilize funds efficiently and keep construction work on schedule. If the project is completed in the funding cycle, the municipality can begin the process again to procure grant funds during the following funding cycle.

If you have further questions about municipal funding, please contact Michael Taylor, PE, Project Manager, at our Oklahoma City office today.